Stpcon Spring 2014

Sheraton New Orleans $159/night


Get more out of the conference experience. Pre-Conference workshops are valuable in-depth educational sessions. Register now to take advantage of bundled discounts and educational offerings all in one location.

Monday, April 14, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Pre-Con 1: Keys for Transitioning from Traditional to Agile Testing – Lessons from the Trenches
Bob Galen, President & Principal Consultant, RGCG, LLC
In this workshop, experienced Agile Coach Bob Galen will share with you the critical lessons from teams he's observed who've successfully made the transition. We'll explore the requisite team skills, how to deal with agile requirements, the right strategies for developing agile automation, how to plan and test within your agile team, effective agile test metrics, and aspects of quality for agile teams. The lessons will be shared via real stories from real agile teams who have crossed this chasm—so no hypotheticals here.

Pre-Con 2: Software Test Automation: From a Technical Viewpoint
Jamie Mitchell, Principle, Jamie Mitchell Consulting, Inc.
So you have decided that software test automation is right for you. You have considered the business and non-technical details and are ready to begin. If you listen to the tool vendors, this is all easy peasy. Buy their tool, take the three-day intro course and you are well on your way to automated heaven. Congratulations, you are well on your way to joining the tens-of-thousands of others who have abjectly failed to successfully automate software testing!

Pre-Con 3: The Domain Testing Workshop
Cem Kaner, Professor, Florida Institute of Technology
Rebecca Fiedler, Kaner, Fiedler, & Associates, LLC.
Domain testing is the most widely taught technique in software testing. However, many of the presentations stick with examples that are too simple to provide a strong basis for applying the technique. Others focus on mathematical models or analysis of the program's source code. This workshop will set you on the path to develop deep skill with this technique whether or not you have access to source code or an abiding interest in mathematics.

Pre-Con 4: Performance Analysis and Remediation
Mark Tomlinson, President, West Evergreen Consulting, LLC
Many newcomers to performance and load testing get the basics of test scripting and execution mastered in a few months and they can provide value to your project and company by simply delivering test results. However, if that's where your skills suddenly end and other engineers seem disconnected from your efforts, it's time for you to learn more about performance analysis and remediation. The real purpose and value of your work is making improvements and driving change to the technology and the company through the extension of your performance test results.

Pre-Con 5: Mobile UX and Usability – Don’t Just Satisfy Your Users
Philip Lew, CEO, XBOSoft
In this workshop, Mobile Usability and UX expert Philip Lew will assist you from start to finish in examining your users needs and requirements to roll out a kick-butt mobile application that meets your business goals while satisfying your end users. We’ll cover best practices, as well as industry practices that are not the best, but you must live with anyway, in order to build an app that users accept and will use.