Stpcon Spring 2014

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Mobile Application Testing STPCon Spring 2014

Mobile Application Testing

The rapid expansion of mobile device software is altering the way we exchange information and do business.  These days smartphones have been integrated into a growing number of business processes.  Developing and testing software for mobile devices presents its own set of challenges.  In this track participants will learn mobile testing techniques from real-world experiences as presented by a selection of industry experts.  Topics in this track include techniques for mobile testing, the latest trends affecting mobile testing and a framework to manage mobile testing.

1001: The Keys to Launching Mobile Apps that Win Around the World
John Montgomery VP of Product Delivery, uTest

103: Mobile Application Testing – Looking Through Customer Eyes
Pradeep Govindasamy Director - Mobile Testing, Cognizant Technology Solution

303: Three Weeks to Two Days - Regression Testing Can Fit Inside Every Sprint
Dustin Grimes Senior Engineer, Perfecto Mobile

404: Effective Mobile Testing
Yongmei Wang QA manager, Autodesk

503: Implement Continuous Testing for Optimal Mobile Performance
Brad Johnson VP Product and Channel Marketing, SOASTA

703: Improving Mobile Application Usability
Philip Lew CEO, XBOSoft

803 (RT): Mobile Application Testing Expert Roundtable

902: Mobile Web Testing - Explored
Raj Subramanian IT System Test Engineer, Progressive Insurance

Pre-5: Mobile UX and Usability – Don’t Just Satisfy Your Users
Philip Lew CEO, XBOSoft