Achieving Continuous Integrations (CI) Excellence through Test Automation

The Test Automation roles continue to evolve and will be entirely different in the future. At Gannett | USA Today Network the change has started by blurring the lines between Test Automation and DevOps daily tasks by Test Automation owning continuous integration (CI), define CI best practices, building the CI pipeline, and being the quality gatekeeper of product releases. Let’s take a closer at the CI excellence divided into three tiers; the practices, how to do it, and review the new test automation experience.

Session Takeaways:

The Practices:
  • Define and enforce the continuous integration standards
  • Maintain optimization and speed of delivery chain for development to production deployments
How To Do It:
  • Learn how to build/deploy/maintain your applications using the Platform as a Service (PaaS) stack aka DevOps
  • Learn a continuous integration server product (Jenkins, Drone, etc.)
  • Work with your team to define the continuous testing strategy
The New Test Automation Experience:
  • Create, deploy and maintain the CI infrastructure in conjunction with your team
  • Alert the team and assign blame if the build, deployment, or test fails
  • Create and maintain configuration management scripts (Chef Cookbooks) used for CI
  • Be the quality gatekeeper by working with the team to ensure sufficient test coverage, every stage of the CI pipeline passes before releasing a change to the wild
  • Sharing the test responsibilities with developers

DevOps Strategy
Location: Baycliff Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Greg Sypolt