Case Study for the 21st Century – Building a Mobile & IoT Development and Test Lab for an Offshore Team

Keeping offshore teams trained in the newest technologies, while promoting experimentation and innovation is not easy in a fast paced, competitive business setting.

In this case study we will show how we solved these problems by building a Mobile and Internet of Things Lab for development, testing and test automation and used it as a training and innovation platform for the company.

The Lab team first built a cross platform mobile app with IoT devices, Web Services and Social APIs, and then built a fully automated Continuous Integration (CI) system build, unit tests, smoke tests, and full regression automation running on virtual machines, emulators and real devices.

The greater benefit of the lab was to make the team take a larger ownership role. They were responsible for designing and building the mobile product, practice lab, sandboxes, evaluating and selecting mobile dev and test tools, mobile and web service test automation and developing innovative training. The hybrid-delivery training for the rest of the staff included free-form “play” time and is different from traditional learning methods.

Session Takeaways:

  • What happens when a team is empowered and challenged with new mobile and IoT technology then made responsible to transfer that knowledge?
  • Modern Knowledge Worker-style trainings in practice.
  • Working with offshore teams.
  • Solving technical dev and testing hurdles in an agile, fun way.

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Automation Leadership
Location: Salon 5 Date: March 16, 2017 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm hackett-web-photo Michael Hackett