Internet of Things: How it Changes the Ways We Test

Anki robots pack a lot of technology into small packages. Anki OVERDRIVE cars are high-tech, intelligent vehicles with serious hardware. Built-in computers combined with visual sensors make sure you stay on track even during the most epic battle moments. Cozmo, a little robot with a big personality, brings even more technology to test including cliff detection, facial recognition, emotion engine, and a powerful software development kit.

This brings development, testing, and user testing to a whole new level.

This session will focus on new tools developed by Anki to help ensure quality products including: multiple BTLE tools to check connections, verify mobile devices compatibility, tools to ensure robust connections; enabling vehicles with SD cards for mass logging of data to troubleshoot issues; test fixtures that can reprogram and test robots; tools to view through the robot vehicle’s camera, which help test the Anki tracks; and SDK’s that help the team automate lots of activities to help test hardware capabilities.

Once you’re in the real world the number of possible issues explodes, even temperature and humidity need to be considered just as a race car must adjust their tires for different races.

Anki is currently working with virtual overlays to simulate systems view of the world so it can be compared with the real world, tools that can dump out the configuration of the robot while using it, to confirm what is going on; even change the config while playing to test different scenarios. This allows Anki to verify or emulate exactly what they need to test, enabling different scenarios on the fly to repeat intricate situations. Anki is in the midst of inventing how to test with these new robots and would like to share their successes and failures.

Session Takeaways:

  • Introduction to tools to help test connections and information flow
  • Learn about the difference and similar methods to testing software and IoT software
  • What Anki learned when they tested Anki Overdrive & Cozmo

Mobile Strategy
Location: TBD Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Jane Fraser Jane Fraser