The Definition of Done for DevSecOps

DevOps cannot be achieved without considering many different aspects of software quality, including security. The term DevSecOps was developed to highlight that security was being focused on as part of the pipeline, not a second-class citizen.

Fortunately, DevOps and continuous delivery practices give us opportunities to add different types of security testing to our pipeline so that security can be part of our definition of done. Continuous integration can invoke static analysis tools to test for simple security errors and check if components with known vulnerabilities are being used. Automated deployments and virtualization make dynamic environments available for testing in a production-like setting. Regression test suites can be used to drive traffic through proxies for security analysis. From the code to the systems where the software is being deployed, the process can make sure that security best practices are followed, and insecure software is not being produced.

I’ll talk about how to construct a definition of done that focuses on security along with other types of quality in a DevOps pipeline. We will discuss how to define security practices and criteria that are appropriate for our teams and our projects to be confident that we are doing DevSecOps, and how those practices and criteria might mature over time.

Session Takeaways:

  • Just like many other type of quality tests, security can and should be included in a team’s definition of done.
  • Continuous delivery practices offer a lot of opportunities to do security tests that you might not have done if you had to set aside an explicit phase of the development cycle to do them.
  • DevOps is about building confidence that the software is a viable candidate for production. Or realizing as early as you can that it isn’t. Security must be part of that.
  • Do just enough of each type of testing at each step in the delivery pipeline to determine if further testing is justified.
  • Security testing doesn’t have to be expensive or formal to add value. A little security testing at different stages of the software development process can build a lot of confidence.

DevOps Security
Location: Avalon East Date: April 11, 2018 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Gene Gotimer - STPCon Fall 2017 Gene Gotimer