Nathan Jakubiak Nathan Jakubiak

Nathan is a Project Lead Engineer for the industry-leading API testing solution Parasoft SOAtest. He has been with Parasoft since 2000 and helped build SOAtest from the ground up. He recently took responsibility for the Parasoft Unit Test Assistant which helps developers automate the creation of Java-based unit tests. He oversees the architecture of the products and leads multiple distributed development teams utilizing the agile scrum methodology. Nathan is passionate about building high-quality, well-architected software solutions with development processes that make sense. In his free time, Nathan spends time with his family and works to make the world a better place.

Speaker Details:

Nathan Jakubiak – Project Lead Manager, Parasoft
Twitter: @Parasoft
Facebook: Parasoft
LinkedIn: Nathan Jakubiak
Website: Parasoft
Blog: Parasoft Blog
Past Events: API Strategy & Practice Conf.

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