Valeriy Burmistrov

Valeriy Burmistrov is in Test Engineering for 15 years, covering multiple roles, companies, countries and cultures and now is serving as Director Quality Assurance at TeamViewer GmbH, Germany. In the last few years, his main passions were working with teams to create and execute inspiring visions – strong “stories” to be proud of and worth fighting for. Valeriy holds the ISTQB Expert Level certifications – Test Management, Improving the Test Process, and speaks at conferences regularly. Valeriy enjoys getting to know new people to share experience and learn from experiences of others.

Speaker Details:

Valeriy Burmistrov – Director Quality Assurance, TeamViewer GmbH
Twitter: @valeriy_burm
LinkedIn: Valeriy Burmistrov
Past Events: QS-TAG, Tools4AgileTeams, Swiss Testing Day, German Testing Day, EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days

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