Speaker Resources

STPCon Fall 2018 Speaker Resources

Welcome to the STPCon Fall 2019 Conference Speaker Resource Area

This webpage will serve as a home base for any information you may need for planning and preparation leading up to the conference including:

Speaker Information Video

Here is the Speaker Information Video from Spring 2019 to give you an idea of what to expect. The Fall 2019 video will be posted shortly, check back soon! Questions? Contact James Stinar.

Speaker Logistics Coordinator

James Stinar
Email: jstinar@softwaretestpro.com

Conference Registration

As an STPCon Fall 2019 conference speaker you will receive a complimentary registration (non-transferable) for the Main Conference Package (September 25-26).  There is no need to register for the conference as a speaker. Come by the registration desk when you arrive and we will provide you with your name badge and other materials. Please note the registration does not include pre-conference workshops.  You can attend a pre-conference workshop day for a discounted rate of $300 or $500 for both workshop days. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please email James Stinar.

Reserving a Room at the Conference Hotel

Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor
101 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
617.568.6060 (Hotel)
800.233.1234 (Toll Free)

All conference activities will take place at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor, September 23 – 26, 2019.  A special discounted rate of $259 per night has been reserved for conference participants.

RESERVE YOUR ROOM ONLINE or call 617.568.6060 and reference the Software Test Professionals discounted rate. Hotel rooms are expected to sell out – please reserve as soon as possible.  The conference rate will be available until September 1, 2019 OR until rooms sell out.  Don’t miss your opportunity to stay at the conference hotel!

If you would prefer, we are able to make your hotel reservations for you.  Simply fill out the Hotel Request Form and return this form via email to James Stinar by Friday, June 28th.

Speaker Deadlines

See the table below for the speaker deadlines schedule. Your help in ensuring that the deadlines below are met is a key element to our mutual success.

Item Important Dates
Hotel Reservation Form June 28 @ 5PM ET
Audio Visual Request Form July 26 @ 5PM ET
Presentation Materials Due September 13 @ 5PM ET

Presentation Materials

Session presentations are due by September 13 @ 5PM ET. If you do not have your own PPT template, you are welcome to use the Conference PPT Template.

Submitting your slide deck:

  • Attach it to an e-mail, addressed to James Stinar.
  • Identify the attachment by your last name and abbreviated session title.
  • We can only accept files that are less than 10 MB. If your file exceeds 10 MB, email Rick Baucom and he will provide you with further instructions.
  • Submit your PowerPoint presentation and any handouts in .ppt, .pdf, .doc or .key format.
  • We will create PDF versions (2 slides per page) of your files before we post them on the conference web site.

Audio/Visual Requirements

Core conference session breakout rooms are set classroom style with a podium, riser and a 6 foot head table.  These room set ups may not be altered in order to protect the consistency of the room set-ups.

Each core conference session breakout room will be set with the following AV package:

  • Computer projector unit (capable of handling resolutions up to 16:9)
  • Projection screen
  • Universal slide advancer with a USB port – minimum XP or OSX operating system
  • 1 Flip chart with markers

If you have any other Audio/Visual requests, please fill out the Audio/Visual Request Form and return it via email to James Stinar by 5:00 PM ET on July 26.

Social Media

Why wait until the conference to network?  Below you will find some opportunities to network with your fellow conference speakers and participants prior to the start of the conference.  We will be tweeting about your session and we will feature your content on our Facebook page.  In addition, we will include all social media contact information on your bio if you provide us with your details.

Social Sharing Details and Images

Conference Details for Social Posts:

Conference Name: STPCon Fall 2019
Location/Dates: Boston, MA September 23-26
Website: https://www.STPCon.com/
STP Twitter Handle: @SoftwareTestPro
STP Instagram: @SoftwareTestPro
STP Facebook: /SoftwareTestPro/
Hash Tags (use your favorites): #STPCon #10YearsInTesting #Automation #TestAutomation #AI (or) #ArtificialIntelligence #ML (or) #MachineLearning #Agile #SoftwareTesting #QA #qualityassurance #QE #Test #DevOps #Mobile #App #PerformanceTesting #Performance #Tech #Conference #Boston

Sharing Images:

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all very close in size, but still slightly different. We have created three separate images for these platforms. Instagram is, of course, a different aspect ratio. We have 3 variations of each image below, use whichever you prefer. Click the link for each image, then right-click and “Save Image As” that should provide you with the correct size for each platform.

One image for each platform also notes that a discount code is in your “text below” – Please use ‘STPF19SPKR’(all caps, no quotes) to give your followers a 10% discount! Make sure to tell your follows a little something about your workshop or session and include the code.

LinkedIn Blog Post Image: 1200x628px:

  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD

Twitter Post Image: 1200x675px:

  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD

FaceBook Post Image: 1200x630px:

  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD

Instagram Post Image: 1080x1080px:

  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD
  I'm Speaking at STPCon Fall 2019 DOWNLOAD