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Angela believes that compassion and curiosity are driving forces of quality. The hiker’s mantra “leave it better than you found it” inspires her approach as work, whether it’s people, process, or the organization as a whole. She nerds out on process improvement and has strong feelings about change management. As a Quality Advocate, Angela loves her job the most when she gets to take on challenges that allow her to learn and grow, and when she’s supporting teams to do their best work.

Angela tweets at @AngelaRiggs_ and blogs at In her free time she enjoys loom weaving & embroidery, baking, and reading food memoirs (recent books include Consider the Oyster and The Cooking Gene).

Speaker Details:

Angela Riggs – Quality Advocate
Joining virtually from Portland, Oregon, USA
Twitter: @AngelaRiggs_
LinkedIn: Angela Riggs
Blog: Articles
Speaking Experience: PNSQC, TestBash San Francisco, Refactr.Tech, CAST, Ministry of Testing Podcast

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