STPCon Keynote Series

You have heard us say it before, “STPCon, by Testers, for Testers.” We take a great deal of pride in this statement. Our entire program, from the sessions, the workshops, to the keynote submissions are examined, debated, and ultimately selected by a group of volunteer practitioners, Testers…just like you.

The Fall 2018 STPCon is no exception, and we are happy to have three very experienced and talented practitioners in the industry speaking during our General Sessions. Learn more about our keynotes for Fall 2018 below, and as a bonus, watch Simon Stewart, Project Lead for the Selenium Project deliver his keynote from Spring 2018 – Release is Risky Business.

STPCon Spring 2018 Keynote Line-up!

Nancy Kelln What the Hell Kind of Testing is That?
Nancy Kelln – Software Testing Leader, Unimagined Testing, Inc.
Many organizations are not ready to accept the differences between exploratory testing and more traditional testing methods. As testers who have an exploratory approach to testing it can be challenging to gain acceptance and buy-in from leadership. Often times people you are trying to sell to are left asking “What the Hell Kind of Testing Is That?”
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Bob Crews Gam_s & Puzzl_s to Build and Improv_ T_sting Skills!
Bob Crews – President, Checkpoint Technologies
No doubt you’re an excellent tester. If we could clone you and have twenty such team members we would. Ahhh, life would be good. We’d crush the testing! But…we can’t clone you. When it comes to our team the best we can hope for is to hire the right people with the right attitude and aptitude and nurture their QA and testing skills. How do we accomplish such a monumental task? [Continue Reading]

Jim Evans Open Source is Dead
Jim Evans – Principal Member Of Technical Staff, Salesforce
Does the software industry have the will to foster sustainable open source projects and allow healthy communities to thrive around them? How long can the industry survive under the current model that negatively affects companies, users, and maintainers in economic, technical, and even emotional ways? It would be lovely if the answers to these questions were easy. [Continue Reading]


Recorded Keynotes from Spring 2018 – Newport Beach, CA

Wondering what our keynotes all about? Check out Simon Stewart’s Keynote from the last STPCon Keynote address in Newport Beach California. Simon delivers his message to the crowd: Release is Risky Business – Watch it now and stay tuned for more on the way!

Release is Risky Business – Simon Stewart